Confrerie des Vignerons de Saint Vincent Macon
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SF Chapter

International Wine Congress- What a success!

We hope all those who attendee the first International Wine Congress in Napa/Sonoma had a  blast. It was great seeing members from the San Francisco, Portland and Montreal Chapters. The camaraderie we have built from this event was amazing. We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic wines and wineries we visited that are in our own backyard and we hope for those who traveled in come back soon. Until the next Congress check out the photo page for more pictures...Cheers!

Got Members??
2015 is off to a great start and there is excitement in the SF Confrerie Chapter! We had 7 new inductees inducted in January. The excitement is growing for our society!! Let's keep spreading the word to our family, friends, and colleagues who love wine, meeting new people and trying new wineries. The more the merrier I always say!

All new candidates will be initiated during our annual St.Vincent dinner that is held every January. If you know of any interested people let me know and I will send them the membership forms so that we ensure they are ready to be initiated!!

Let's make this an exciting, fun-filled society and bring in new members.

Summertime Wines

Conventional wine wisdom often highlights young, fresh white wines with plenty of crisp acidity and palate pizzazz for summertime, but reds often make their mark around the grill to partner with steaks, burgers, brats and other read meat delights. However, if summer were to be limited to only one wine to handle all of the flavors, spices, temperatures, aromas and individual palates - it would have to be the highly versatile, perfect compromises for red and white wine lovers - enter the Rose wine!

Acid trip in making of wine

You often hear wine lovers was on about wine with great acid. Citric, tartaric, malic and lactic acids occur naturally in wine. Acid gives you that mouth-watering sensation and makes wine zippy, crisp and tart. It balances sugars and tannins and helps make a sweet dessert wine seem less cloying.

Think of the difference in a crisp, tart sauvignon blanc and a rich, soft chardonnay. Some varieties- riesling, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and sangiovese- have lighter acid levels than others.

Next time you drink a wine that's like biting into a crisp green apple, you'll know: You're on a wine acid trip!

Got Wine Ambassador?
We sure do! Our own Chancelier John Barakett is a Wine Ambassador for Boisset Collections. Be a tasting host or join the wine club. Biossett California wineries include: JCB, Raymond, Buena Vista, DeLoach, and Lyeth.

We believe in creating amazing in-home wine tastings where the wineries come to life and the quality exceeds your expectations. Just like in our tasting rooms, you and your guests can sample the wines first – then if you love them, you can order by the bottle or by the case and save even more. We also reward you, the host, with a 50% discount on your favorite wine selections at the tasting just for opening your home to us. We are sure that you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime as we transport the elegance of the wine country directly to your home.

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                                                                              San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Chancelier: John Barakett
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