Confrerie des Vignerons de Saint Vincent Macon
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SF Chapter


International Wine Council- Napa/Sonoma
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Got Members??

2015 is off to a great start and there is excitement in the SF Confrerie Chapter! We had 7 new inductees inducted in January. The excitement is growing for our society!! Let's keep spreading the word to our family, friends, and colleagues who love wine, meeting new people and trying new wineries. The more the merrier I always say!

All new candidates will be initiated during our annual St.Vincent dinner that is held every January. If you know of any interested people let me know and I will send them the membership forms so that we ensure they are ready to be initiated!!

Let's make this an exciting, fun-filled society and bring in new members.

Toasting to the New Year

Champagne is a favorite celebratory drink for any special occasion, but the fizzy golden beverage is particularly popular on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes 12.

Some fun facts:
~ 40% of all sparkling wine is sold during the Holiday Season

~ Appox. 360 million glasses of bubbly are consumed over the holidays.

~ True Champagne comes from the Champagne Region in Northern France

~ Any bubbly not from the Champagne Region is considered to be Sparkling Wine

~ Thew most expensive bottle of wine is Gout De Diamants, or Taste of Diamonds: $1.8 million
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Chancelier: John Barakett
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